Inventory optimization

Reduce the cost of running your warehouses. We will tell you which products and how many of them to order for resupply, so that the term of their operation in stock is minimal and orders, on the contrary, maximized.

The Optimum Amount in Stock in Relation to the Current Demand

Do you have many products in stock and have no idea which ones will sell and which won't? We have a solution for you in the form of inventory optimization, which leads to a reduction in financial costs for product storage and maximization of orders. The basis is the sales forecast, which we calculate based on historical sales data, taking into account trends, seasonality, Black Friday, etc. and we will determine future sales. Based on that, we will then optimize the quantity of individual products or product groups so that the required quantity is always in stock.
As a result, you will save the costs of warehouse space, and you will also benefit from shortening delivery times to your customers.

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