About us

We are a team of professional data scientists and analysts. We are your guide through the world of data.



You're thinking of ways to improve your business using the data available to your company. We will be happy to meet you and discuss the possibilities.


We will prepare basic analysis and sample POC model for you. We will prepare workshops, where we can introduce you to data science.


The final model already captures customer behaviour and predicts the future of customers or business.


We will ensure everything works automatically as it should. Either on the cloud or on your own systems.


  1. Your task. It can be as straightforward as finding the right spot for 12 of your shops, or as general as how to improve direct marketing. Alternatively, you may not have any specific task at hand, but instead we will identify the area where the most money is stored in your data. We usually start with transactional data. They are the real gold while web data are the silver. But perhaps it's different in your case. Let's talk about it.
  2. You can have your first data science models (POC) very quickly. Even these can bring you money if you use them properly. With a limited budget, we are able to create a simple customer segmentation, a basic recommendation engine, or an analysis that reveals product potential and shortcomings. This first, quick solution, we will demonstrate the benefits - by applying models to campaigns and the real business world. We can deploy some models in 5 minutes, while others take a month. Even the first model can increase your profit and multiply the conversions.
  3. More complicated models of customer behaviour, logistics, next-best-offer, or loyalty systems require longer time. Within 2-3 months you can have a top-notch system your competitors will envy, but most importantly, it will make you money. Top conversion rates, accurate predictions, and clear price recommendations are standard here.
  4. Implementation. We won't let you down in this regard. We will work with your IT, if you wish to deploy models internally, or prepare the entire pipeline on a modern cloud solution such as Keboola. The whole system will work more or less independently in the long run.

We understand even a situation, where you are not ready for rocket science right away. First, it is necessary to clean up and merge data and set up basic reporting. Or  is it necessary to prepare a new data platform from scratch? We can arrange data integration for you both in modern or traditional systems (e.g. Keboola, but also MS SQL).

We will clean up and enrich your data and create charts. We will also provide you with external data, questionnaires, and much more. We are no strangers to any data area.

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We are your guide through the world of data.