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Mgr. Jan Matoušek - Your first contact

tel:+420 720 705 639

mail: jan.matousek@datamind.cz 

Jan Matoušek, datamind







Jan Matoušek is the founder of Data Mind and project director

Jan earned an MA from Sociological research methods at Charles University in Prague and has rich experience in conducting various analytical projects.

He has worked as analyst since 1996. Starting as analyst and programmer, he became research manager in the well-known Gallup Organization. In OgilvyOne marketing agency he engaged in projects including segmentation of mobile operator users, evaluation of marketing activities, and specialized in data mining. Later he joined O2 Czech as an experienced data miner and created many consumer behaviour models that were used to improve results.

Besides data mining Jan devotes himself to sociological and marketing studies and surveys for both state-owned and commercial institutions.

Ing. Petr Šipula, senior analyst

tel: +420 607 130 351

mail: petr.sipula@datamind.cz

Petr Šipula, datamind     






Having graduated from politology and sociology at the Masaryk University in Brno, he worked as analyst in Accenture, and later as data and reporting analyst in Factum Invenio where he became project manager. He was responsible for research from its design to implementation. He worked as senior analyst for many years in STEM/MARK..


Hana Mrázková, analyst

tel: +420 731 760 179

mail: hana.mrazkova@datamind.cz 

   Hana Mrázková, datamind






She is an enthusiast of data science and she has trained in the Czechitas Digital Academy which is a highly selective 6-month intensive course in data science for women. She acquired the full scope of competencies necessary for data analyses. Previously she worked in the energy industry and as project manager in the National Institute for Education. She has developed the information system for the Practice Enterprises Center at the Institute. In 2017 she decided to change industries and has given herself fully to data science.


Ing. Johana Vohanková, senior marketing analyst

tel: +420 720 755 701

mail: johana.vohankova@datamind.cz

Johana Vohanková, datamind







After graduating from the Faculty of Business and Economics at the Czech Agricultural University she started as marketing analyst in OgilvyOne where she engaged in marketing campaigns and analyses mainly in support of the Telefónica O2 loyalty program and for other corporate clients. She became head of the Analytical department. She later joined Telefónica O2 as manager of the Evaluation and Reporting departments.

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Data Mind s.r.o.

Phone: +420 720 705 639, +420 220 386 449
E-mail: info@datamind.cz
Address: Pobřežní 18 / 16, Praha 8 - Karlín, 186 00
IČO: 28953789

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Phone: +420 720 705 639
E-mail: jan.matousek@datamind.cz

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