Data integration

Do you need to organize and interconnect your data? We can combine data from different systems, giving them the right format and structure, efficiently set up the database environment and automate it all.

Combined and clean data 

Finding the information needed in the huge amount of data that companies produce today is quite a challenge. Data often have a wrong format, inappropriate structure, and they come from different systems. The necessary step is to get all the data to one place, unify and clean them and give them the right structure. If this is not done, all subsequent analyses and calculations are less accurate.
In the next phase, we will enrich your data with the so-called open source data (publicly available), which will give you additional valuable sources of information. Next level is incorporation of unstructured, i.e. textual data, whose value is still underestimated.
The result of correct data setting and integration is a quick access to vital and up-to-date information. This whole process is an important step for streamlining processes within the company, saving costs, increasing revenue, and increasing customer satisfaction.
If you want to calculate various predictive models, data tidiness and accuracy are essential.

Data Science - Data Mind - Data integration



  1. Data warehouse design (database environment design)
  2. Data integration and ETL processes
  3. Centralized collection and classification of company data
  4. Error detection and subsequent resolution
  5. Appropriate data structure for your analyses
  6. Selected processes and analyses automation
  7. Linking to open source data
  8. Visualization and dashboards