Marketing analysis

Do you wish to know the performance of marketing campaigns and the effectiveness of your product portfolio? Do you need to know where to build a new store?

Marketing clearly and efficiently, based on numbers

A properly set marketing strategy based on the data is the flagship of a successful business
We analyse customer behaviour and product portfolios in relation to marketing campaigns and the impact of discounts on sales and profits. The calculations take into account trends and seasonality, and influence of competition. We use data from websites, social networks, internal systems and publicly available data (open data). Based on your requirements, we can also identify the most promising place for your new store.

Data Science - Data Mind - Marketing analysis



Market potential - Is it possible to constantly increase the sales of existing products or is it necessary to innovate them? Market potential analysis determines the remaining size and quality of the market we are addressing.

Customer Life Cycle - This analytical concept depicts the typical course of customer experience from acquisition (winning the customer) through development (upsell, cross sell) up to customer retention (retention, churn).