Loyalty programs

Find out if your loyalty program settings are effective. We will tell you which customers are loyal and how to promote their loyalty even more.

Promoting Customer Loyalty and Truly Motivating Rewards

A satisfied customer should be the first thing on the list of company values because only a satisfied customer return. In a very competitive environment, it is essential to regularly promote customer’s loyalty. Loyalty programs are a well-known strategic tool in the world of retail. The most frequent form of loyalty programs in the Czech market are loyalty cards and collecting of points. Not always, and not for every customer, is this form motivating. Today's trend is, for example, customer prioritization, even for a smaller monthly fee. If you already have a loyalty program, you should first evaluate it and after a certain time optimize it. If you dont have a one, we will be happy to help you create it. We focus on the financial return and data usability of loyalty programs; we measure the impact of loyalty mechanics.


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Loyalty program - a tool for strengthening customer relationship

Churn rate - The rate of customers' withdrawals for reasons such as leaving to competition, etc. Reasons for withdrawal from the contract that cannot be influenced (e.g. moving) are usually excluded from the definition of churn

Retention - Efforts to retain customer using marketing means

NPS - unified methodology for measuring customer satisfaction