Data analysis

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Data under control

An integral part of successful business today is undoubtedly the analysis of corporate and customer data.

Nowadays all companies have a huge amount of data, whether it is data from internal systems, customer data, data from social networks or publicly available. The main benefit, and especially the competitive necessity, is to have an overview of what is happening in your company in real time and to know who your customers are.

From the point of view of company functioning and setting of future strategy it is necessary to understand how the company develops, whether it earns, what it earns, where it is heading, whether the company processes are set appropriately, etc. Thanks to data analysis eg systems, you can optimize business processes to make them simpler and more efficient overall. Even less expensive. It is important to link all available data and not to analyze each area separately. We mean, for example, stock optimization, automatic pricing or optimization of production processes.

From the point of view of sales, it is important to know customer behavior in detail, to have an overview of the market and to know which customer groups to target. In connection with transaction data, it is then possible to find out what products to offer to customers, which customers and with what probability they will buy from you, how to communicate with them most effectively and how to reward them so that their loyalty is further enhanced. The whole process leads to increased profits, increased return on investment and greater customer satisfaction. You can use predictive customer segmentation, shopping cart analysis (next best offer analysis).

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