Customer segmentation

Know your customers properly. Due to segmentation, you will know what to offer to each of your customers and how to communicate with them.

Divide and dominate the market with customer segmentation

Our customer segmentation is not just about splitting customers into individual segments. It is also about segmenting them in a best way possible.

We will run your data by machine learning algorithms and identify individual segments of your customers. We'll add information from web, publicly available resources, or social networks. The result is a detailed description of individual customer groups, their needs and expectations. This way we can set up effective communication and specific offers. The benefits of this are increased sales, stronger customer loyalty, reduced communication costs, increased return on investment, and increased conversion rate.

Customer segmentation is the foundation for the next phases of advanced analytics.

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Behavioural segmentation - Segmentation by  customerbehaviour. Usually, it consists of an purchase or services usage behaviour analysis  with aim to capture different types of customer behaviour that matches their different needs and lifestyle.

Lifestyle segmentation - Segmentation based on lifestyle is usually done from marketing research data. It deals with lifestyle, psychographics, and shopping behaviour.

RFM Segmentation (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) - Segmentation based on number of purchases (frequency), monetary value(monetary) and time period since the last purchase (recency). This is a more simple segmentation, but can be very effective.

Customer Segmentation - Finding internally consistent groups of customers.

Cluster analysis - a statistical technique designed to group together (cluster) elements based on  their similarity. It is used in both in marketing and technical/technology departments to gain an overview over their said field of expertise.