Loyalty programs

Loyalty programs have become a part of our everyday lives. Customer, his wallet full of loyalty cards and discount coupons, might no longer perceive his advantages as loyalty bonuses, rather as commonplace. Marketers on the other hand believe they need to follow their competitors and offer their customers the same.

The most common forms of loyalty programs are getting points for purchases, discounts for next purchase, partner discount programs… But try to utilize your loyalty program to really strengthen your relation with customers.

Market conditions differ among industries and these differences should be also reflected in loyalty programs. Generally, your loyalty program should be up to date at any time, i.e. it should grow with your company and adapt to new trends.

In case you would like to reward your customers for their loyalty think first what should your loyalty program at least basically look like and what should be its goal. Besides rewarding, loyalty programs serve as motivation for another purchase, to acquire new customers, to get competitive advantages, and finally, to get customer data.

Loyalty program is a partnership. Customer trusts your services and you should in return offer benefits he really appreciates. The loyalty program should become a part of the whole customer’s life cycle. It is extremely important to evaluate the program continuously.
A loyalty program realization is a long term project which needs to be planned carefully. It requires marketing surveys, suitable program structure, choice of marketing communication and periodical evaluation. We would be more than happy to assist you during loyalty program implementation.

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