Precise aiming!

We are on the data science and machine learning market since 2009.
We have conducted more than 100 data science projects, 2/3 of which were implemented in the clients' systems. That means our scripts are a basis of direct marketing and other similar marketing tools, most often of customer segmentation.
We focus on customer value. Increases in ROI and direct communication conversions come along with this. The use of our current models brings 2.5x to 50x higher conversion rates for specific target groups.
Our codes and procedures are transparent, and in 90% of cases clients utilize a code from our models.
We also offer model deployment support and marketing recommendations, as consulting approach is what we are renowned for.
We use different kinds of analytical procedures and tools together with statistics, data mining, machine learning, or deep learning (artificial intelligence).
A bunch of professional analysts, united by enthusiasm for data of all kinds. That is DataMind.
If you are interested in our services or just wish to know more, do not hesitate to contact us.
About us
About us
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Data Mind s.r.o.

Phone: +420 720 705 639, +420 220 386 449
E-mail: info@datamind.cz
Address: Pobřežní 18 / 16, Praha 8 - Karlín, 186 00
IČO: 28953789

face.png, 26 kB Mgr. Jan Matoušek

Phone: +420 720 705 639
E-mail: jan.matousek@datamind.cz

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