We provide marketing services in the CRM field, with the main focus on marketing analyses of data. Understanding the needs of your clients may be a crucial factor in your business. Our services will help you to develop and improve long-term relations with your customers and thus optimize the financial results of your company. We help you to get to know your customers, communicate with them and thus improve your business.


Why us?

We are independent and experienced analysts. Our analyses lead to improvement of successfulness of your campaigns and of the overall business results of your company (see our case studies). Our outcomes have not only the form of analyses but more often of business tools for targeting the direct marketing offers. We regularly evaluate the efficiency of such solutions.

Our approach is based on:

  • Rich experience from different areas
  • Individual understanding of your needs
  • Becoming an asset for you, whose value is many times higher than its price

We analyze literally all sources of data you have at your disposal. To conduct a statistical analysis we use specialized analytical software.

We do not persuade each company of the necessity of large investments. We would be more than happy to get in touch with you and based on information provided suggest the most suitable procedure. In case of your interest in consultation or a quote do not hesitate to contact us.

About us
About us
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Data Mind s.r.o.

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E-mail: info@datamind.cz
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Phone: +420 720 705 639
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