Marketing research

There are many ways how to listen to your customers. There is Facebook, call centers and plenty of other channels. But still, sometimes you need to ask your customers actively. What we do is helping you to ask the right people in the right way.

What does it bring to me?

Surveys generally provide you with the point of view of your customers or potential customers. This can be extremely helpful when entering new markets, launching a new product or starting a new program. Other times, you can finish your products or programs ‘directly’ with the help of your customers, or even let them come with ideas instead of you. Surveys are often necessary in order to set company’s policy efficiently.

How do we do it?

We don’t have an army of enquirers out there but still, surveys are one of our main fields. Depending on how precise numbers you need, we either arrange a survey or a small tender for a representative opinion poll. We compute optimal sample sizes and quotas so that you don’t pay more than necessary.

Analyses, but mainly conclusions!

We analyze both new data and ‘old,’ unused data. We are able to connect them with your internal figures, find their meaning and most importantly interpret them into action ends. Our analyses are usually one step closer to implementation than those of survey agencies. We recommend you optimal price, policy adjustments or even motivational system for compliance with company’s directives.
Where others end, we go on. We don’t finish with a nice graph but rather with a calculation of recoverability, profitability or even with optimal parameter setting for your company.


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